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Why Preserve History ?
our story is important. Not just
to you, but to future generations. The best way to understand where you’re
going is to realize where you’ve come from.
In attics and basements across the country there are artifacts, memoirs, journals, photos, and stories waiting to be told. Imagine the number of heroes whose stories are lost simply because they were never told.
You may realize how important history is, but you may be unsure how a valuable commemorative volume can be. Let’s review some of the ways in which a published commemorative history can be utilized.
Economic Development and Fundraising
It may be a unique story of landmarks, people, or events. You may just need to celebrate.
The stories told are close to your friends, family, employees, and citizens. High-quality Donning books are great gifts for supporters and donors. They act as an essential marketing tool to acquire new students, members, or employees.
Donning‘s non-pro t package allows organizations the opportunity to raise funds for their cause. Through this package Donning can provide your organization the book you have always envisioned at no cost to your organization.
Organization Resource
Establish your current and past culture, brand, or style with a commemorative volume. A monument to your achievements is displayed through rare photographs and a story written by the author. Each Donning project is written and designed in a unique manner that is custom-tailored to your requests.
Vision of the Future
Nearly as important as the historical preservation is providing the blueprint for where you’re going. Let everyone understand the work you have completed and the work you plan to do. Present them with a visual representation of what your organization is about and how they can become a part of your tradition.
Memoir of the Past
The most important reason is to create a hard copy of your past. Everyone’s views are shaped by their own unique history. To understand change we must understand where we’ve been and how we got here. Your story of hardship, perseverance, and ultimately success can help mold future generations. Stories of diligence inspire us and teach us that a single group or person can change the world. 3

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